Sunday, February 17, 2013

WINDSWEPT WEATHERED WOOD- the Eco-Story that must told-


The Windswept Eco-Story

Windswept Weathered Wood is crafted by utilizing standing dead or dying beetle-kill tress from the Colorado Rocky Mountain regions.  These same trees are the exact cause of all wildfires in this region.

Until now, there these trees shave simply fallen victim to forest fire and horrendous detriment.  Claiming these unwanted trees is an environmental wonder and a champion of pure sustainability.

As one of our chief architect-designers stated in the Atlanta metro area, “Your Windswept product is awesome but the Eco-Story is even greater”. 

1     able to maintain unused, unwanted wood fiber without carbon release

2     a new ecological category that claims unwanted virgin standing dead (or dying) wood fiber that otherwise is carbon released into the atmosphere

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