Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rain-Screen is HOT

Always looking for new trends in wood design!

Architect Michael Folwell of Boulder, CO used a rain screen process behind this clear Poplar siding to create dimension and modern appeal on his recently awarded 'Architect's Choice 2010' home Crescent Drive House.


He explained the process to me as having used an ice & water shield behind a 90lb construction felt and then fastening the boards to a C-channel to keep equal spacing. Not only does it look cool, it offers a breathable face for your walls and eliminates rot behind the siding due to sweating caused by temperature differences from wall temperature to exterior temperature. The more air tight we make our homes the more of a problem we see in sweating so it's worth considering "rain-screen" options for your next project.
Fine Home Building magazine published a great article detailing the benefits and method of installing rain-screen. I found the article posted online at www.greenhomebuilding.com/pdf/RainScreen.pdf

Social Media - We Can't Ignore YOU, Twit, Face

I just attended a great Webinar put on by Blue Tangerine Solutions in conjunction with Group Two Advertising's president Mollie Elkman. Mollie spent a half hour sharing some of the most valuable information available on "How To" and "Why" any company but in particular home builders can no longer ignore social networking sites such as You Tube, Twitter and Facebook as a critical part of their marketing strategies. Some of the main points I jotted down were as follows:

You can only learn this by doing it. Don't be afraid, just jump in and give it your best.

Consider your Strategy and make a plan for how you're going to make a connection with people.

Think like your prospects and use their language.

Give them a voice. Don't worry about negative feedback. Instead look at it as an opportunity to improve your company.

Be creative about encouraging responses. Offer incentives. Encourage feedback. (i.e. contests, prizes, offers, etc.)

Let your web site be the core of your network. Including links to You Tube, Facebook and Twitter lets your customer know that your content is fresh and exciting.

The statistics are overwhelming. 400 million Facebook users. 432 years worth of You Tube video uploaded. 3 million tweets a day.

To listen to this and other great webinars for free go to www.bluetangerinesolutions.com/index.cfm?method=Webinar.WebinarHistory

Also, Mollie has a Blog called Modern Marketing at www.builderonline.com/blogs/postdetails.aspx?=blogid=melkmanblog&postid=91293