Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Blog?

One of the biggest obstacles we face as a company is customer awareness. We often find ourselves almost giddy over the uniqueness of a new distressed floor, or an idea we have for an architectural knee brace, or progress we've made toward our new engineered reclaimed flooring line, or a specialty supplier we've found for clear, old growth cedar and we just don't know how to get the word out. Yes, we have a web site. Yes, we do monthly e-newsletters. Yes, we can email our database of customers. But, there's only so much you can communicate effectively through these tools without overwhelming the viewer. Harvest Timber Co. sells specialty wood products to dealers, builders and homeowners. To do this, we carefully build relationships and price levels that compliment each customer adding value in many ways with the goal of an enjoyable buying experience and ultimately an inspiring finished product. So, Why Blog?

1. To build a more personal level of consistent communication with you.

2. To increase search-ability on the Internet adding legitimacy to our online presence.

3. To quickly and easily inform customers of exciting updates.

4. To push ourselves into the technology driven world we live in. Web 2.0, here we come. (Oh, wait that's so last year.)

Tell us about your experiences. Are there things we can do to make this Blog more effective or useful? Check in on us from time to time. I promise to post lots of pictures and keep it interesting (if you're into wood anyway).