Thursday, August 23, 2012

Appalachian Border States

Appalachian Mountain Home States

The Appalachian Mountains range from central Maine to northern Georgia, encompassing some of the most scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild, and culturally resonant lands here in the US.

Not only is your state a home to the Appalachian Mountains but also you are home to some of the most amazing architecture and design elements historically witnessed in American history.

Many of these design aspects reflect an urban, cosmopolitan feel while embracing the ethos of historic Appalachia.   

Windswept weathered wood depicts the nostalgia of the Appalachian ethnicity to compliment the barn wood patina appearances commonly associated with this deep history while enhancing new architecture design with refreshing reverence.

Windswept totally embraces a new category of reclaimed categorized as ‘New-Sustainable’ in that Windswept is able to claim unwanted virgin standing dead (or dying) trees that is otherwise carbon released into the atmosphere.

These unique barn wood appearance products reflect an architects dream:

A warm Eco-Story, the stability and structural integrity of new wood, backed by regulated industry associations, at nearly half the investment of reclaimed materials and with minimal waste.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vertical Response Campaign

Bad Bug Alert

Are you serious about the environment?  You need to understand the term 'New-Sustainable' 

New -Sus·tain·a·ble (adjective)

1    1) able to maintain unused, unwanted wood fiber without carbon release

2     2) a new ecological category that claims unwanted virgin standing dead (or dying) wood fiber that otherwise is carbon released into the atmosphere

“Where Do All the Dead Trees Go”

This is a great question more should be asking as major beetle outbreaks continue to affect 30 million acres in the western United States and British Columbia, Canada.   A recent study analyzed data from the United States and Canadian forest services, and estimated that since 1997, bark beetles have killed 6 billion trees. The culprit in 63 percent of the cases was the mountain pine beetle.
What happens to these dead trees? 

The vast majority will simply accumulate where they fall, transforming quickly into kindling to be the catalyst and fuel for the next raging forest fire (as recently witnessed in Colorado).

Windswept Weathered Wood (Barn Wood) products are one of the very few companies that have discovered a use for these dead trees.  This model of new generation of Eco-Smart fiber recovery has created a new environmental category for reclaiming a virgin product.

Windswept Weathered Wood (Barn Wood) siding, structural timbers and interior lumber are produced by using salvaged standing forests that need to be utilized before they are wasted.  100 percent sound fiber is selectively claimed from the aged and dying Engelmann spruce and Lodgepole pine trees in the Rocky Mountain regions.

Windswept WeatheredWood (Barn Wood) products are governed by industry associations equal to the same stringent grade rules for new wood.  This ‘New-Sustainable reclaimed process is saving unnecessary carbon to be released back into the atmosphere.

- Article reported by the Colorado State University Extension -
Please visit this link from the 'Colorado State University Extension' article written by D.A. Leatherman, I. Aguayo and T.M. Mehall regarding the Mountain Pine Beetle in the Rocky Mountain regions.

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Glen Ehrhardt, Business Development
Windswept, Teton West Lumber
PO Box 59 
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P. (253) 884-6255  
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