Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colorado wildfires prompt evacuation of thousands

Why the Windswept Eco-Story is so significant

Colorado is facing a trio of wildfires in hot, dry conditions, including one threatening the world's highest suspension bridge.  How does this relate to Windswept Weathered Wood?  Our raw product is derived primarily from the beetle-kill forest of the Colorado Rocky Mountain region.  
This region is desperate to find usage for this disaster driven wood that plagues the landscape with devastating wildfires that threaten far more than timber loss.

 The current blazes have razed dozens of homes and prompted the evacuation of nearly 6,500 people.  One of the fires, spanning 300 acres (121 hectares), is near the Royal Gorge Bridge on the Arkansas River.

A second fire is raging north of the city of Colorado Springs, as reported by BBC News.  A third blaze, sparked by lightning, was burning further north in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Officials have also closed and evacuated hundreds of people from another park near Royal Gorge Bridge, the world's highest suspension bridge at 956ft (291m), and parts of a nearby highway.

The Eco-Story for fiber usage of dead or standing dead beetle-kill trees remains phenomenal chronicle for environmental purest.  We have helped to generate a new category of environmental sustainable in that we claim unused, unwanted virgin standing dead (or dying) timber that otherwise would be carbon released into the atmosphere.

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