Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rustic Wood Siding & Trim with U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D Creativity and Possibilities

Truly unlimited in potential... this is what we love about wood in general, but particularly our Weathered Wood brand lumber is limited only to the imagination. Above you see a picture where the designer combined three of our different colors into one application achieving even greater diversity in color. Many builders are finding the Weathered Wood lumber and siding (whether purchasing for exterior siding, soffit material, trim, or interior accents) is a fantastic option for people looking for the reclaimed look without the cost, waste and risk of buying old barn boards. Reclaimed lumber can be a great option and we proudly offer reclaimed barn wood siding and flooring for those who are in that market, but we're finding that the prefinished Weathered Wood fills a great niche for the person that looks sideways at paying more to use recycled wood.

On another project a designer in California asked their custom cabinet shop to utilize the Weathered Wood (our weathered barn style lumber) to create vanities, accent cabinets, mirror frames and sliding carriage doors as seen in the photo above and below. Like I said, the possibilities are endless. Consider how you might incorporate this amazing product into your next project. We'll share more photos here as some of our current projects finish up next Spring!