Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mountain Modern

Watercress Residence  

Jackson Hole, WY Residence
“Stark contemporary works well in California where it’s green all year round, but in Jackson Hole, where it is winter half the year, you have to be careful, “says interior designer Kate Binger of Designed Interiors, LLC.  “No amount of radiant heating can warm up cold design; no one wants to feel as if they are freezing in their own home.”

Award-winning Jackson-based architectural firm Carney Logan Burke worked with Binger, Two Ocean Builders and MountainScapes, Inc., on a contemporary five-acre property at the southern end of 3 Creek Ranch that, yes, has heated floors throughout, but is warm even without them.

“The client asked for a really clean modern aesthetic, but was concerned it not be too cold,” says architect Kevin Burke, the principle on the project.  Carney Logan Burke calls it ‘mountain modern”.

“This style has a close tie to our Western heritage—it uses today’s technologies and material to reinterpret it,” Burke says.  And here, Western heritage is given full due before you even enter the home. 

“The landscape architect’s goal was to get the landscaping and house to match what was there before construction began,” says Sean Macauley, owner of MountainSCapes, Inc.  “And what was there before construction was sage, rabbitbrush and a bunch oh native grass.  You can’t get more Western than that.”

The exterior does not have a broad array of materials—primarily wood, glass and architectural concrete with some metal accents.
Windswept Weathered Wood was used for the exterior siding; it is crafted by utilizing standing dead or dying beetle-kill tress from the Colorado Rocky Mountain regions. These same trees are the exact cause of all wildfires in this region.  

Learn more about this 'Eco-Friendly' wonder of new sustainability so valuable as a trend setter for eco-mindedness in the future.  Contact or visit the web link below to learn more:

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