Friday, January 29, 2016

Henry's Tavern Opens in Denver, CO

Henry’s Tavern restaurant pays homage to the Blitz- Weinhard Brewery, which brewed beer on site for more than 140 years. Henry’s Tavern takes the “local watering hole” concept to a completely new level.

BCRA Design Group saw an opportunity for a new perspective on their brand expression was translated into their Denver space.

The interiors offer heavy timber, brick construction, and exposed blackened steel. The brand customization was included in the elements that represented Denver and their sports heritage, which can be found on the walls, lighting fixtures, and fabrics used throughout the space.
Windswept Weathered Wood was utilized for interior elevations as paneling and steel beam wrap fabrication to authenticate the warm ethos and dynamic culture of Denver and the Rockies.
Construction for this project started in March 2015. The grand opening of Henry’s Tavern Denver took place 6 months later, in September 2015.
I want to personally thank you for your interest in Windswept Weathered Wood products.  We have an amazing product with an even greater Eco-story!
Windswept Weathered Wood adds style, sophistication and practicality to what designers have long called for- a reclaimed appearance with the stability and structural integrity of new wood, backed by regulated industry associations, at nearly half the investment of reclaimed materials and with minimal waste.
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Our resilient low VOC finishes replicate reclaimed materials for both interior and exterior applications. All wood fiber is derived from “standing dead” trees out of Rocky Mountain region, thus lending an idyllic environmental compliment and eco-story to boot. This parlays into an effortless presentation process that will enhance any scope project with product performance and cost effectiveness.

Our innovative style and continued focus to customer satisfaction continues to scale upward congruent to the inimitable culture of specialty wood providers as well as the Architectural & Design, Hospitality and Retail Design communities; let us know how we can help!

For more information please contact:

Glen Ehrhardt, President
Harvest Timber Specialty Products
PO Box 59 
Lakebay, WA  98349
p. (253) 884-6255  
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